Sunday, June 3, 2012

5AT: tacos and new specs

these weren't even mine, someone forced me to take a bite!

five awesome things

  1. holiday pay and over time - both equal extra money on my pay check. jYeah!!! And who doesn't like extra money. It may be crazy at work, but I'll appreciate it the next couple of weeks. I have a bill I'd like to pay off and money to save for fun having this summer.
  2. being trusted w/ the boss' debit card - The Boss has entrusted me with her debit card on several occasions. I don't recall her ever handing it over to anyone else, but it's possible. And this is her personal card, not the store card. It's gives me a sense of pride that she trusts me enough to hand it over. I don't think I've ever handed my debit card over to anyone.
  3. pokura tacos from Taco Lassi - Yum, yum, yum, yum!!! I love tacos of the soft variety and these were delicious. They weren't mine, someone kinda, maybe forced me to take a bite. But that one bite...*does seat wiggle of foody goodness*
  4. Dark Angels by Lush - I've been using this face wash/scrub since October. It's expensive and I have to travel all the way to Chicago to pick it up, but it lasts a long time and my face looks a lot better.
  5. not quite FREE glasses - I probably own like 10 pairs of glasses. It's kinda ridiculous. My last pair cost me only $13. When they are THAT inexpensive, how can you resist not buying a new pair? I buy most of my glasses from They run a lot of good specials and giveaway A LOT of free glasses (usually just the cost of shipping). You can't beat that.

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