Tuesday, June 5, 2012

shut up you stupid dog

Is it Friday yet?

That's pretty much how I feel right about now. Tomorrow is day 7 of 9 at work and today was CA-razy. I'm tired and my knees and feet are starting to complain. And now, right at this moment my neighbor's dog has been barking for at least 10 minutes straight. Tiny little dog and a loud ass bark. I want to punt kick him into oncoming traffic, his owner too.

Tonight for dinner I had a roasted coconut marshmallow, some jasmine rice, Nutella, a banana nut bread breakfast bar and some chocolate almond milk. I'm still kinda hungry. I'd like some Jimmy John's. It's time to go grocery shopping, but that won't happen until Thursday.

With all the work I'm doing, I haven't really been up to much. I get home from work and spend the rest of the evening on my computer being unproductive, though I have been inspired by a lot of things on the interwebs and have started following a lot of new blogs. I might cut some pieces for cards or do some crocheting, but nothing major.  Just lots of resting and relaxing.

OMG, I think the dog has stopped barking.

Anywho, I received my Little Black Bag shipment today, YAY!!! I'll share an unboxing post in a few days when I have a little more time.

So what's been going on you? I'm here, I'm listening.

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