Wednesday, June 6, 2012

pretty cool shit ver. 12.2

Yeah, I'd planned to post this earlier today, but I was at work. Day 7 of 9. Two more days until the weekend!!! This is some of the pretty cool shit that's dashed across my computer screen over the past week. Enjoy!

this pumpkin bread looks delicious and only two ingredients

 this door and the shutters are amazing. i love bold, bright color

this cute little fashion girl necklace needs to be mine

 these avengers dresses, I'd totally rock the hulk dress

mmmmm...tacos, no war...tacos

these nails by the dainty squid, they remind me of rocket pops. i never get to paint my nails because of my job

this comic pretty much sums it up

these underwater ink photos by mark mawson are UH-mazing

this graphic design group, this guy works HARD and this is hilarious

Also wanted to add:
we all have feelings aka the golden rule
Nutella shortbread cookies!!!
this girls voice, have a little listen on the left hand side

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