Wednesday, June 13, 2012

pretty cool shit ver. 12.3

It's off to Milwaukee for work tomorrow morning. It'll be a long and hard weekend. But that's okay. There is s strong possibility that I'll get to see my BFF from college and the whole trip is paid for by my job. I love it, who wouldn't?

these village of 100 posters are pretty neat. i think the smaller number makes each classification easier to grasp.

this space, the simplicity. i'd love to have a little get away like this in my future backyard. a place to escape to, to take a break. maybe some music and reading. rent it out on the weekends.

these ALL NATURAL red velvet cupcakes look so red and delicious. check out the recipe, it's pretty interesting how she got them red, i wonder how that adds to the flavor.

 these nails remind me of my blog background. very cute. i don't have the patience for stamping though.

OMG! This video...I love it!!!

this space, I wanna crawl up here and take a nap and read some books

these apparitions by Soasig Chamaillard, seriously, click the link to check out more of them.

this is my advice, though I don't always take it.

 this cute to boot pillow case, stuff it with a nice fluffy pillow. it'd be my new best friend

 Yeah, pretty much.

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