Wednesday, June 20, 2012

summer solstice 12.0 - a wish list

a new season, a new list. you can see the progress of my spring list here.
  1. finish my first quilt - check my progress here
  2. go on a first date
  3. save $200
  4. start couch to 5K
  5. read more
  6. new ink
  7. new TOMS
  8. win the lottery - I won a few dollars here and there
  9. more hugs and maybe some kisses
  10. support given, support received
  11. get out and enjoy the weather by myself and/or with friends
  12. buy locally, eat locally
  13. eat vegetarian for a week, once a month - I did it a couple of weeks spread out through the season.
  14. more reasons to smile
  15. more adventures
this almost seems more like a goal list than it does a wish list. maybe it's a little bit of both.


gabeflowers said...

Ooh a goal/wish list, I haven't made one of these in a long time...probably too long. My favorite is #8 ;-)

chickenboo said...

I try to make them every season. And yes, #8 is a good one. I gotta play to win though. It's just hard when I don't keep cash on me all the time. lol