Friday, July 13, 2012

5AT: BYOB and naps


  1. break from the heat - I like summer, I do, but the heat has been ridiculous here. Finally on Sunday we had a nice temperature drop. What a heavenly breeze. I just wanted to sit outside and sip ice tea and watch traffic while the breeze cooled me off. But I had to go to work.
  2. Wednesdays off - sleeping in after a night out with friends. Woo! I'm thankful that my manager is nice enough to schedule me off on Wednesday when she can. You can't do Take That Tuesday if you gotta work all day on Wednesday. I mean you can, but yous gonna be tired.
  3. great customer service - I work in customer service, so there's nothing better when you shop and get good customer service. My glasses cracked and I've had them almost a year. I contacted the company I bought them from and they replaced them for me. I received the new pair before I even got the old ones back in the mail and there was no charge on shipping on the return. Easy peasy transaction. I love it.
  4. BYOB - who brings their own beer out to a bar? This girl. I had a special bottle I'd bought when I was in Wisconsin for work and I'm not a big drinker and sitting at home by myself drinking is weird. So I brought it out with me on Tuesday, pulled it out of my bag, popped it opened and enjoyed it with the company of friends. That's how drinks should be. And I'm not the only one who brings their own alcohol to bars. I had a friend who kept pulling out a flask to refill his drink. Ha!
  5. naps - I don't care what you say, you're never too old for a nap. Nice and refreshing after a short or long day at work or being outside. I could go for a nap right about now.

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Niki said...

OMG the BYOB is hilarious! Is the Totally Naked the beer you brought? Love it!!! There are some bars by me that have such a poor beer selection, I should seriously consider doing this!

Leslie said...

I am a BYOB offender too...but with the flask! I'm glad that I'm not the only one!! And you are absolutely NEVER too old to nap!!

Anonymous said...

i believe that there should only be four workdays! i love days off work. it makes me feel ready to work again the next day.

what's your favorite drink?

i found you in h54f and followed you via GFC.


Leigh said...

My boyfriend has brought his own beer before...and hidden them in my purse. Bar beer is ridiculous. I don't blame either of y'all!