Sunday, July 15, 2012


This is the what the camera on my phone is doing right now. The screen pulls up black so you can't see what you're taking a picture of and when you hit click, this is the type of images you get. No idea what your camera is pointed at. It is a cool effect, but I just want to take regular pictures AND see what I'm taking pictures of.

I'm frustrated. I JUST picked up this replacement phone from Sprint on Friday and less than 24 hours later on Saturday the camera stopped working. This is my second replacement phone in less than two months. The last replacement phone they gave me had a bad battery circuit or something. I might not be so frustrated if the nearest repair center was close and easy to get to, but I either have to pay someone to take me to one or I have to catch a bus 2.5 hours round trip to get to one. It's ridiculous. And then they tell me either nothing is wrong or because I've not had the phone for 30 days yet that I'll have to pay $35 to get a replacement. WTF? You're the ones who gave me a bad phone and now I have to pay to get a replacement? What's insurance for then?

Ugh! I want to throw my phone at the wall. Or someone's head. Either works. So it looks like on Tuesday I may be taking another trip out to Sprint to see what they can do about this issue. I'm not looking forward to it. They need to have a solution.

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