Monday, July 9, 2012

yup, this happened

I didn't really feel like writing a proper post, but I wanted to share some randomness. I love listing and used to do it quite often.
  • the temps have finally dropped and it's feeling much more bearable here.
  • I'm actually enjoying waking up early to go running. I plan to keep it up after I run the 5K I signed up for.
  • quilting is fun. I've spent quite a bit on fabric lately. I kinda wonder what I'd have spent that money on otherwise. Clothes maybe? Saved it? Probably food.
  • I wanna live in a house. 
  • I wanna work from home, blogging and crafting.
  • I wanna be a housewife. 
  • so many ideas swimming around in my head. I want to execute them all. I don't know where to start.
  • had a rude kid at work today who just started talking to me while I was talking to another customer and then wouldn't stop talking long enough for me to tell him to wait his turn. I wanted to flick him in the forehead and then do the same to his mother. 
  • I have low tolerance for disrespect from children.
this happened

  • yeah, that was intentional. too lazy to pull my lunch out of my bag, but I wanted to make sure it stayed cold in this heat.
  • hung out with Lesley of Yesiree Petunia at her Sip & Shop event on Saturday. she has the most awesome vintage finds in her shop.
  • I'm ready for a vacation. too bad I don't have any money saved up to go anywhere. I should get to work on that. just a few days, somewhere nice.
  • is awesome sauce. My frames cracked and since I haven't had them a year, they are replacing them for me free of charge. I don't even have to pay to return the cracked pair. Booyah!
  • my replacement phone is ready. the replacement phone they sent me a month and a half ago was a piece of shit. I hope this next one acts right. I don't have the patience for this bullshit.
  • this is kind of a shitty list. I don't care though. I'm gonna post it anyway.

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Ashley M. said...

HAHA. Loved the purse in the freezer.

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