Friday, July 20, 2012

5AT: drum circle and Nutella whipped creme

normally this is where I'd put a picture from instagram that I'd taken sometime this week, but the camera on my replacement phone is not functioning properly. I'm not happy about this. so today you get a pretty blank space. my deepest apologies.

First things first, a little rant because I want to end on a good note. Word verification when you go to comment on someone's blog...annoying. I rarely if ever get spam comments, so I've turned this off to make life easier for commenters. I wish all bloggers would do this. It's one of my pet peeves. Also, I wish bloggers would preview their blogs when they design them. Scrolling back and forth to check everything out...not fun. And last but not least...choose your font wisely. Comic sans? Swirly curly? What year is it again? Keep it clean and simple. It makes it easier on your readers eyes. I will often close out of a blog if the design and fonts are unappealing. Okay, I'm done. I know my blog isn't the greatest either, but I'm working on it.

Now...on to five awesome things...

  1. drum circles or things like it - spent Friday evening out on The Circle with friends and their band, minus any type of instrument that needed to be plugged in. The breakers were out dancing to the music and the fixed bike riders were all out hanging out too. The vibe was just right. A nice breeze and some noms would've made the evening perfect.
  2. color me rad run - This is the run that I decided to join in order to get my but moving and into shape. You can check out Jen of Jen loves Kev post about it. I'm pretty excited about it and think it will be boat loads of fun. I just wish I could find a friend who was willing to do it with me. Hopefully one of them will at least come out and watch and take pictures.
  3. friends that have my back - did you read about what happened here earlier this week? If you haven't, got do that. I'm way thankful to have friends who will step in a fight or whenever I need them.
  4. kind coworkers - one of my new coworkers couldn't figure out what he wanted to buy himself from work on Monday and spent most of his shift trying to decide. I suggested he buy a tiny little thing as a joke. At the end of our shift he picked it up and bought it for me.  How nice is that? It was an ice pick me up for the beginning of the week and a long shift. I'm totally gonna have to bake him something now.
  5. Nutella whipped creme - OH MY HEAVENS!!! I totally had this for dinner the other night, frozen. I've had the recipe to make this on my magnet board in front of my desk for months and finally just went ahead and made it on Tuesday. It was delicious just by itself AND frozen. It made it seem kinda like ice cream. I will definitely have to make more of it. 
I'm linking up with From My Grey Desk's H54F (high five for Friday).



Pamela said...

New follower - hope to get a follow back!

Amy Shaughnessy said...

The word verification didn't bother me at first but now it gets on my nerves. Yesterday I was commenting on a blog and it asked for the was a bunch of letters but the other was a picture of a lamp post. Really?!


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Anonymous said...

about the word verification when commenting: i share your sentiments. for the two months i've been blogging, i haven't experienced receiving spam comments yet. when i was in wordpress, i get those about once a week. it's easy to erase and sometimes, entertaining to read.

if my comments page ever got that way, tell me. lol.

jen @

still being [molly] said...

i have heard SO many good things about color me rad... i need to try it!