Sunday, July 1, 2012

july goals

I wanted to make this month about fun goals. I plan to go back and tackle the goals from the previous months. But I need to add some fun stuff into the mix. I mean, it IS summer time and summer is all about having fun, right?

I've got one beer already sitting in the fridge waiting for me to partake in it. I picked it up from the Mars Cheese Castle on the way home from Milwaukee. And I decided to go with a smaller amount to save so that I don't feel so much pressure to squirrel away that extra money. If I end up saving more...all the more better.

So hopefully picking fun things to do this month helps to get things done and gets me out of my apartment. I've been spending a lot of time inside. I'm being productive inside, but it's not as fun as outside. Even if it is hotter that balls outside.

What about y'alls, what are some of the goals you wanna pin down this month?

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