Monday, July 23, 2012

sponsorship, layouts and life as we know it

Ummm...I don't know. That's what happens sometimes when I get an idea in my head and then try to start typing. It disappears.

I'm toying with the idea of sponsors/swapping ads. This is a small blog though, but growing more than I thought it would. Why do I need sponsors or readers though? I'm blogging for myself right? Well...kinda. I DO like having readers. It's a nice way to connect with other people in different places. I need to do some more thinking on this. I feel like it might be a commitment I'm not quite ready for. Any advice from people who have sponsors? If I do decide to swap ads, would anyone be interested in doing so? All 19 of my readers would see your button. Assuming they go to my actual blog and doing just read through Google Reader or another site.

I also want to change my layout...AGAIN. I think the background is too busy. I wanna play with some graphics for the items in the sidebar. And maybe I'll even make a button, I don't know, it's too much to think about right now because I'm sleepy and hot. Not a good combination. I'm also thinking about changing around my craft blog too. Have you hopped on over there and checked it out? Do it! CLICK HERE! CLICK HERE!

That was kinda obnoxious wasn't it. I'm sorry.

Things have been pretty tame here. I had a great weekend. I ended up with three days off instead of two. I did a lot of cleaning up and reorganizing of my craft space and I got to hang out with some friends at ScruffyNerdy's mom's house. (He's headed off to grad school soon. It's kinda sad.) It was fun. There was a lot of delicious food and random animals.

It was back to work this morning for a four day work week. Yay!!! I'll have plenty of time to play with my blog and get some work done for Sew Loco. But I have to find away to make up the income since rent is due soon. Arts and crafts anyone? Where's Lottery Jebus when you need him?

Anywho, my lids are getting droopy and I need to be up at 6AM for week FOUR of Couch to 5K. It's going pretty well. Good night y'alls.

PS. KIT (keep in touch) and WBS (write back soon) I miss having a pen pal.

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Anonymous said...

I actually enjoy swapping buttons! (Obviously. I have a whole post about it. Lol.) It's an easier way to connect to other blogs, big or small. I will love to swap buttons with you when you make one already!

Your layout is quite simple and nice. I love how light it is--very pleasant to the eyes.

I have started a new link-up at my blog. It'll mean so much if you join me! :) Kindly go to the link:

jen @