Sunday, August 12, 2012

still no change

Week 6, day 3...done! Today had me running for 22 minutes straight. I went a tad bit longer than that though. Last Sunday I ran a whole mile and then some. *does the butterfly through this blog post* It's kind of a big deal. According to Nike+ I run a mile in about 17 minutes. This needs improvement. Slowly but surely.

Since the days have started getting shorter it's still dark when I head out to run. On my days off I try to push getting up an extra 10 to 15 minutes. I don't like it too dark when I head out even though I know it's gonna get light out. I think it's because I feel like bad things could be lurking.

Weighed in this morning and still no change. I'm a tad bit frustrated. I thought I'd see some change by now since I'm already 6 weeks in. I know muscle weighs more than fat, but I haven't even noticed a change in the way my clothes fit. What's going on?

I've been eating vegetarian (one of my August goals) since Monday/Tuesday. Lots of fruit juice/smoothies. I enjoyed some fake chicken too. I think I could go vegetarian for the most part as long as I had fake chicken. There are just some things that are hard to give up. Like I really want to make some chicken wings and pot roast. Ha! I think I still need to reevaluate what I've been eating to see why there hasn't been any change.

Maybe this week I'll try to add weights or something when I work out or even add and extra day of running and see if that produces any change. *throws hands up* Ugh, I don't know. I don't want to have a bad attitude about this so I'm going to focus on the fact that I can now run a mile and I can run for 22+ minutes straight, something I couldn't do before this. And how amazing I feel when I'm done running, like I can conquer the world.


Allie said...

Congrats on your developments in running! I feel your pain with not seeing the results you think you should, I stopped weighing myself because I was frustrated that it want changing. Instead I choose to focus on the fact that I can run way longer than I could a month ago, and I feel better than I did before. Hang in there!

Alyx said...

Wow, keep on keepin' on!
As far as the lack of changes, just make sure you're drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of rest - those things can impact your weight as well. And sometimes you'll just have a few weeks where you don't notice results in appearances, but think about how much healthier you are physically! You'll get there, girl, just keep your chin up and don't give up! :)

gabeflowers said...

Hey, running 22 minutes straight is an awesome accomplishment!! I've been the same way in the past with trying to lose weight and seeing no results. I can say what worked best for me was when I started counting calories - is a great app! I thought I was eating healthier but then realized that my portions were the problem. Maybe give that a try for a week and see if you notice any changes ;-)

Melissa said...

Keep at it! Running is hard work and is more beneficial than just weightloss. It's so important to have a healthy heart and running does just that! Eventually the weight will fall off!

I've nominated you for Liebster blog award, you can check out all the info on my blog at: said...

That would really frustrate me too, but try super hard to not get frustrated! I was doing so well working out for a long stretch but started feeling frustrated and it led me to stop. It's been SO hard to pick up since then and I wish I had just kept with it! So keep going, if you dont see any results in 2 weeks, reassess and maybe meet with a trainer?