Sunday, August 19, 2012

weekend wrap up - because I felt like it

Thought I'd pop in and share my weekend in list formation, here we go:
  • took a four hour nap after work on Friday and woke up at midnight (thankfully Herbert wasn't flying around)
  • dicked around and didn't get anything done I wanted to get done, damn nap, went back to sleep
  • made myself get up at 8 to go running
  • ran, showered, ate and turned on cartoons
  • attempted to get caught up on blog reading
  • finished up card holders for Indie Gift Box, got frustrated with Betsy (my sewing machine) and punched her. violence is not the answer
  • figured out and fixed Betsy, finished card holders and readied them for shipping
  • wrote guest post for la la lists - a game of would you rather
  • mailed card holders, had a late lunch at Jimmy John's and people watched in the mall
  • saw The Ghostbusters, Sailor Moon, a Stormtrooper and some other characters I can't name
  • hopped over to Marsh to pick up items to make pumpkin muffins
  • came home and started on "homework"
  • headed out to go hookah and have dinner with Rachel and Tony
  • Tony: Are you seeing anyone? Me: No. *short pause* I see people every day.
  • laughed out how much of a smart ass I can be at times
  • finished "homework" and went to sleep
  • attempted to wake up and go running, fell back asleep
  • woke up, turned on music and attempted to catch up on blogs, write a blog and get nothing done
  • washed dishes
  • made two ingredient pumpkin muffins (but really 4 because I added some extras)
  • made some watermelon and lime juice YUM!
  • went running, showered and ate
  • told an old man to suck a dick after he yelled dirty nothings at me while I was finishing up my run
  • wrote some more
  • cut some fabric and readied my "homework"
  • typed this blog
 And now when I look at this post I feel like I did a lot, but not really. I feel like I could possibly be missing something. I don't know. Here are some pics from this weekend as well via Instagram.


    Rima said...

    you are so dedicated on your running *envy*
    and you saw a sailor moon? wicked

    Evani Gatsby said...

    What a productive weekend! I think if I listed mine out, it would be like 7 lines max. lol and so much running! Gah I love it though, its a constant reminder that I need to get my ass in motion!


    Eve Myers said...

    That lime and watermelon juice looks good. Recipe?

    Breonna said...


    Breonna said...