Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fashion in the Forest - a guest post

Good day good readers! Today my lovely sponsor Tiffany from Fashion in the Forest (check out her shop on storenvy) is taking over for the day. She took a cue from my Would You Rather guest post on la la lists and has provided how she'd handle each of these situations. I've turned off comments today so you can leave her commenty goodness on her blog here.

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Hey everyone!  I'm Tiffany from Fashion In The Forest.  I have many hobbies, but mainly I blog and make things for my Etsy/Storenvy shops.  I don't really have a genre, I just make things and list things and hopefully someone will come along and like them!  Taking a page from Melissa, I thought it would be fun to play Would You Rather.  Sounds fun, right?

What would you rather lose at a party: your shoes or your underwear? - Wow, we're starting off kind of personal, huh?  This is not an easy question!  I'd most definitely like to be without shoes than without undies....although, if I was without undies but still had pants, I think that would be okay as well.  Seeing as how I really love my shoes, I'd be pretty cranky if I lost them.  I guess, bottom line, is that I do not want to be in 'birthday suit' attire at any party, so I'd sacrifice my shoes if I had to.

You get caught marking a wall with graffiti would you rather be punished by serving 40 hours of community service or 3 nights in jail? - Oh...well, seeing as how I am horrible with a can of spray paint, I most likely wouldn't be in this scenario, but if I was....I'd rather do the community service.  At least you're serving your sentence by bettering something around you instead of wasting away in a jail cell.

What would annoy you more, your name and phone number written on a restroom wall or a house guest who has stolen your underwear? - I, under no circumstances, want my name and number written on ANY bathroom wall....unless, it's Ian Somerhalder's and he needed to remember my number but didn't have a piece of paper.  Uh...yeah, that made sense.  Anyway....the underwear thing has happened to me before.  True story.  While in college, my best friend and I needed a third roommate to help pay the bills.  She invited a friend from HS to live with us and she seemed really cool, at first.  I started realizing my clothing items were going missing.  One day when she wasn't home, we did a stealth mission of her room & lo and behold, there were drawers full of our things!  Not cool.

You're attending a charity ball, what would embarrass you more: a date twice your age or wearing a neon pink shirt? - If I'm at a charity ball, I probably wouldn't be wearing a shirt of any kind.  I'd most likely be wearing some highly awesome Oscar-worthy dress (at least that's how it goes in my head).  I guess the twice your age thing would be weird, unless you were going with a relative?

Your significant other is picking his nose, do you tell him to stop or ignore him completely? - Oh, he's getting called out!  For sure! 

Would you rather eat a stick of butter or a sheet of paper? - I'd most likely eat the butter.  When I think of someone eating paper, I start thinking of those "My Weird Addiction" shows.  At least if I'm eating a stick of butter, I can pretend I'm Paula Deen.

Your friend dares you to go streaking, would you rather streak through the New Orleans French Quarter or a retirement home? - As much as I love New Orleans, the sight of a naked girl running through the streets is going to cause some seriously bad things to happen to you.  No, thank you!  A retirement home, however, means bad vision, slow moving and/or asleep people of an advanced age.  You could be in and out before some knew what even happened.