Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let's Get Physical - September

*dances around to non existent music*

I can't help but bop around when I hear that phrase and think of Olivia Newton John and that song. Is it stuck in your head yet? Are you dancing too.

Simply Evani started a brand new link up about health and fitness today and since I'm already on my own health and fitness journey (you can read a little bit about it here) and could use the support and more accountability, I thought I'd join in the fun.

  • I love bread and pastries and candy and sugary goodness.
  • I randomly snack on whatever is available on my days off.
  • I go overboard when I have a craving and finally get to satisfy my craving.
  • I'm frustrated that I've been running for two months and don't feel like there are any physical results other than the fact that I can run longer now. No weight loss, clothes still fit the same.
  • When I hang out late, I don't want to get up in the morning to work out.
  • I come from a family with multiple health issues. I'm still healthy enough to head them off at the pass before they try to take me out. Not gonna get me suckers!
  • I don't eat enough vegetables, even though I love them.
  • Sweets are the enemy. I can't resist them when they call my name. I will eat them all.
  • I drink a good amount of water, but it's still not enough.
  • When I'm hungry I eat more than I should and feel too full and then sometimes bad about eating so much.
  • Eat more vegetables. 
  • Continue to run after I complete this 5k.
  • Add stairs to my work out to work different muscles
  • Drink more water. (recommendation is half of your body weight in oz.)
  • Work on controlling my bread and sweets intake. (eat veggies instead)
  • If I go out and choose not to get up early to run, find something else to do during the day to make up for not running.
I went out last night and enjoyed hanging out with my friends, but I knew I wasn't going to get up to go running in the morning. The later it got, the more I started to get a little irritated with myself and thinking I should've stayed home (I would've gone home, but I didn't drive). But I did run into a few friends who've been keeping up with my running journey and they've noticed some physical changes even though I really haven't noticed any.

I'm looking forward to what's to come and think this will be fun, so come join us.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're linking up, I think this is so inspiring! I also get discouraged when I'm not seeing the numbers on the scale go down or seeing any physical results when I'm eating well and exercising. This time around I'm not weighing myself and I'm just trying my best to keep my attitude positive and not think about the fact that my pants still fit the same. Building up your running endurance is amazing, it's a great idea to add some different exercises to switch it up! Good luck girl!

Evani Gatsby said...

Sometimes I think the hardest part is seeing the changes in our own body and if others are seeing it, it's most likely happening! Even if you aren't necessarily dropping pounds, you are definitely kick starting your metabolism and that will definitely come in handy. I too LOVE bread. In the worst way possible. I need to find a way to remember that bread is truly a TREAT. Maybe a saying.. Lol well either way, I'm really inspired by all your running so don't give up and keep pushing! I've heard it can take up to 3 months for you to REALLY feel a difference and you're already knee deep! I'm cheering for you, thanks for linking up, I really appreciate it! :)


Steff said...

This link-up is so great! It's different from a lot of the other ones which drive me crazy, so I actually joined this one!

I'm the same way with eating too much, especially if it's something good. i usually eat too much of it to the point that it's no longer good anymore and I just have a stomachache!

As far as the scale goes, you shouldn't worry about it! Do you actually FEEL better? Regardless of what the clothes or scale says, as long as you're feeling better then that should count for something. The rest will eventually follow suit!

Maegan said...

I eat more than I should too, and I pick at my toddlers left overs. But lately I've been trying to be more like my toddler in regards to food - kids don't overeat, they stop when they are full / satisfied. I'm trying to do that too ... easier said than done :/

Allyssa said...

I hear you with the sweets. I can never say no. I've learned I just can't have them in the house or else I'll just keep eating them.

I'm sure your body has seen some results from running. Sometimes it just takes us awhile to see them.

Good luck with your goals!

JellyBones said...

ha! I found you on the Wonderful Wednesday link up and, oh man, your blog is hilarious! Totally love the sarcasm. I just about died when I found your "goals n shit" post. ahahaha!
Also.... I too did a little jig to nonexistent let's get physical. Just couldn't help myself!

Megan10e said...

I hear you on the "running all the time but not seeing results." I was training for a half marathon, but I didn't have any weight loss at all until I cut out sugar on top of all the running. Then I lost 19 pounds! Food was the key for me...unfortunately!

Nicole said...

I also overindulge when I finally give into my cravings (usually a sweet). I'm going to try to mitigate those with a piece of fruit instead.

To get more veggies in you may want to try the green monster smoothie (or any green smoothie). I've found them to be delicious and they've really helped my anemia as well.

Rima said...

sadly, we're in the same boat on sweets and satisfying cravings and eat more even though when i'm full.

i work in a department where we have Reps from companies that would come and give us... FREE FOOD. FREE FREAKIN FOOD. And it's usually either: Panera (God help me), Subway, Starbucks and their sweets, or Rubio's Mexican Grill.


Hence I intend to over indulge on the food.

On top of that, I really need to get my fitness on. I just really really LOVE sleeping. Sad.

Rachel said...

I have never heard that rule before, the "half of your body weight in ounces" for water. That's helpful to know!
All the best to you in your work out commitment! It's not easy to exercise regularly--at least I'm not fond of it, but we all should!