Friday, November 2, 2012

5AT: blog friends and mystery shopping

  1. Rima from Bolu by Rima - Haaaaave you met my friend Rima? We haven't met in person yet, but she's a super awesome friend. She sent me the two books above for my birthday. I can't wait to make some cute stuff and the journal is beautiful on the inside. It has some good blogging topics as well. She also loves Hello Kitty just as much as I do. We're like kindred spirits or something like that.
  2. winning lottery tickets - I bought myself some scratch off tickets for my birthday just for fun. I won $5. Instead of just cashing in I went ahead and got 5 more tickets of those 5 tickets I won another $5. I didn't turn that in either. I got another 5 tickets in which I won $4. And again I didn't get the $4, I picked up 4 more tickets. No more winning though. But it was super fun and exciting. My friend on the other hand who dropped $40 only won $2 back. He deviated from how he usually plays.
  3. mystery shopping - I don't know why I didn't sign up to do this sooner. It's pretty fun. You walk around a shop and observe and interact, maybe buy something and then a week or two later you get paid for it. And I believe in most cases you get reimbursed for most if not ALL of your purchase. I've done two so far and can't wait to do more of them.
  4. Tuscan something or other white bean soup - it was soup in a box and all I added was the bacon and spinach, but this was delicious. Perfect for a sunny, but cool fall day. I also ate half a loaf of French bread with it. I can't wait to have more for breakfast/lunch...brunch.
  5. etsy on sale - jYeah!!! I decided this morning to mark my entire store down 20% off and I didn't want to deal with a coupon code and I didn't want to go back and edit all my listings. etsy on sale to the rescue. You login, tell it what kind of sale you want to have, when to start and end and it does all the editing for you. Which means...
...I'm having a 3 day sale over at issa.ino:handmade. Everything is 20% off. EVERYTHING, custom orders too. And you know what, it's starting to get cold, so you should probably go ahead and pick up a cowl or a hat before it gets too cold. Better to be prepared you know.

reading - Sleepers by Lorenzo Carcaterra
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PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

one time on vacation my husband, Mr. T, made 60 bucks out of two dollars. He bought a lotto ticket and won, but another and won more. At that point we started keeping 1/2 the winnings and reinvesting the rest into tickets.

it paid for our train ride home, dinner on the train, and we splurged on a taxi from union station to the local train station a few blocks away!

Eve Myers said...

How did you get into mystery shopping?

Steff said...

What place did you use for mystery shopping? I've always wanted to do it, but don't know what company to use! We had a few at a Lady Foot Locker I used to work at.