Tuesday, December 4, 2012

home sweet home - december edition

Last time I wrote this post I said I was going to focus on one type of room. Lies. But you don't care do you. You just want to see all the pretty rooms I picked out right?

In a small space this would be a beautiful set up. Storage under the bed, a good use of space.
The only setback is you can't hide stuff under the bed. Ha!

Though this was meant to be a kids desk, I think that if you change the height this would be a great office/studio desk. I like that you can change the height of the shelves. This would be an easy DIY.

A reading nook. Or maybe a place to cuddle on a sunny day...maybe even in the nude. Ha!

Bunking with friends at the ski lodge when the sunny weather of Cali is a bit too much and I just need to see some winter snow.

I'm not really big on floral, but I'm drawn to the color combination here.

Lastly and totally unrelated. This song is by a friend of mine, Blake Allee. It is off his album called My Best Friends are Machines. It's one of my favorite songs of his. Enjoy!

reading - A Feast of Crows by George R.R. Martin
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Betty said...

Love these design ideas. We live in a pretty small space ourselves so I'm always looking for ways to maximize what we've got!

Steff said...

These ones are all so awesome! I want a loft for our bed and that cozy nook so bad!

Evani Gatsby said...

That reading nook. I DIE.