Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday's Letters

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Dear Universe: We haven't really talked in awhile. I think we need to do that. I've got some plans and I need your support. Let's talk, over cocoa or tea maybe? You just let me know okay.

Dear Throat: Please stop being so dry. I can only drink so much water and suck on so many Ricolas. And continually eating is not gonna happen.

Dear Phone Charger: I plugged my phone in at 11, by 4 you should've BEEN charged. What's up with that? Don't be that way. You're lucky I was just headed to the grocery store.

Dear Unhappy People: Are you doing these things? You are? Well stop it. You don't have to be unhappy. You make a choice every day to be happy or not. Why would you choose to be unhappy. Also, check out number two specifically.

Dear Homemade Pizza Dough: I love you. You are so delicious. I need to just make batches and batches of you to keep on hand in my freezer for whenever I want to make pizza. Let's be friends forever.

Dear Stamp Sets: I need for ALL of you to get sold. Even if only at the minimum bid. I need you out of my apartment and the money in my account. You need a loving home and this ain't it.
reading - Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone
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Chelsea said...

Ah! Not only is your blog title hilarious but your post is too! My throat is also itchy and dry this week. I guess it is that time of year.. ick! Can't wait to read more of your blog :-)


Angela King said...

i can't stand stupid phone chargers! it's there only job. it's like the fry guy at mcdonald's running out of fries. how does that happen????

MarlaJan said...

Homemade pizza dough sounds amazeballs!