Friday, January 25, 2013

WTCraft - week 4

I kinda felt like I had a hard time getting crafty this week and I've had a lot of spare time to get crafty, but there was little motivation. I've got 5 days off this week so there's plenty of time, but I really just want to lay in bed and read and eat sweets. Gimme the sweets!!!
top to bottom from left to right: self portrait photo editing, granny square blanket, new coaster for my desk, manly wallet for a coworker, cardstock cutting for cards, confetti punching for cards, new hat for myself
Also, because it's been super cold this week here and elsewhere I decided to have a sale on all the crocheted goodies in my shop. All hats, cowls and fingerless gloves are 25% off this weekend with the code FUZZY. This includes custom items. Go take a look and pass it on!

reading - Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone
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