Wednesday, February 27, 2013

him list and the best photo ever

I was cleaning up one of the many piles of papers that I have all over my desk/bookshelf/printer/couch and came across a list I made a few years ago, my him list. The list that started my future husband list. Reading over the list, not a lot of what I still want has changed.

I haven't dated anyone in almost 3 years and I haven't been in a relationship in over 13. When I think about it, it seems crazy that it's been THAT long. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I'm a catch. I'm a crafty mother fucker, intelligent, beautiful (or hot as one of my long time friends told me this past weekend). I can cook, bake, carry a conversation and have a pretty good sense of humor. Heck, I even have big boobs. But, it's been said that I'm picky (it's kinda true) and that I'm intimidating, strong (it's all a fascade, well maybe not all of it). Could that be what's holding me back? If a guy thinks I'm too strong...I don't want him.

That's why I don't talk much about dating's not happening, so why discuss it. And when I do go out, the guys that I'm around are all friends. Nothing hinky going on with any of them. I'm good at putting dudes in the friend zone. I've got a couple of crushes, but I don't interact with them enough to mention it. I'd like to be dating though. I'd like to look forward to talking to someone on the phone or getting a text message or whatever the kids are doing these days.

Then I look at my list and think maybe my standards are too high.

It feels like everyone around me is dating, getting engaged, getting married or having babies. It's hard not to be a little be envious when that's exactly what I want. It's hard not to be envious when I see odd couples together or women with horrible attitudes all boo'd up. I try not to dwell on it though. My time will eventually come. Could it come sooner if I lowered my standards, probably...but I can't go for that.

So for now I just work on me, becoming a more awesome and better me.

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In other news: this is like the most awesome picture I've seen this week. I love it. I kinda think it could be photoshopped though. I don't know anything about physics (I think that's the right subject), but I feel like he might have overshot the pool or that the pool isn't deep enough. I don't know...something is just off. Aside from that though...hilarious.

Also, don't forget...Friday is the goals n' schtuff link up. Bring your goals and you A game and let's link up. mmmkay.

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Jen said...

haha that photo is hysterical.

Evani Gatsby said...

I have faith your time is coming! I think you gotta go out like 3x as much as you are now (you know how much I root for you to go out and enjoy yourself!) and just start perusing the market more. I don't necessarily think you should lower your standards, compromise is something you can do when you meet the guy you want to compromise with!

And that picture is epic.

Laura Go said...

it's definitely not you because, from just our exchanges in a short amount of time, i can tell that you're hilarious and smart and all kinds of awesome.
♥ laura
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Rima said...

gurl that one man will be there when the time comes. woo!