Monday, March 4, 2013

12 things - february update

Rima from Bolu by Rima says it's that time again. Actually she said it a few days ago and I'm just now getting to it. Either's time to update our 12 things list. You can go back to this post here to see my 12 things list. Or you can just read down below. 
  1. take a vacation to California
  2. read 50 books
  3. create a vision board
  4. buy a bicycle
  5. run a 5k and 10k
  6. lose at least 34 lbs
  7. get a check up
  8. eat vegetarian for a month
  9. register issa.ino as a business
  10. make issa.ino my ONLY job
  11. get issa.ino organized for the holidays
  12. apply to a large craft show
Here's my progress:
  • one item to mark off my list - I ate no meat all February and the first day of March. Woo! I could've probably gone longer, but I really wanted some chicken.
  • waiting for a few deposits in to my account so that I can go ahead and book my vacation to California. I'm so ready to be there. Is it April yet? And just for fun I started looking for jobs and apartments out there.
  • 5 books read and 45 more to go. I'm in the middle of reading 3 different books. Which one I'll finish first...who knows. You can always see what I'm reading at the bottom of each post.
  • I plan to run the Strip n' Run in April. I just need to sign up and start training. I think it'll be a lot of fun. I'm trying to get a friend of mine to run with me. I WAS gonna do the Bunny Rock, but changed my mind because the Strip n' Run sounds like a lot more fun. Don't you think.
  • I need to weigh myself. I don't know if I've lost any weight as of yet.
Not sure which one I'll be crossing off in March. how about you head over to Rima's blog and link up.

reading - Jack Canfield's Guide to Living the Law of Attraction by Jack Canfield and D.D. Watkins
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Jen said...

Wow eating no meat? That's an amazing accomplishment. :)

Simply Evani said...

Gooooo Strip and Run! I would totally do it with you if we were anywhere close. Boo.