Tuesday, March 5, 2013

pretty cool shit ver. 13.1

OMG!!! Hello Kitty Skateboard decks!!! I must have one at least.

When lightening strikes the sand. Pretty Awesome via The Daily What

Judith Ann Braun - finger drawings these are beautiful.

Baby Dreams - oh my uterus, so cute.

shopkick - I love this app. I've earned several Target gift cards just for walking into stores. It helps that I work at the mall. Ha!

local artist who is currently not so local

Also, is anyone having trouble seeing GFC on the side bar? I've noticed I can't see mine on my blog and I can't see it on several other blogs as well. I just get an error message. Is there a fix for that?

reading - Bonk by Mary Roach
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Carly said...

How cute are those skateboards!!

Love them!


Simply Evani said...

I started a shopkick but I'm terrible at using it. I hate having my GPS on because I'm anal about my phone battery. HELP. Haha

Rima said...

didn't you text me about shopkick... uh i'm downloading it now!!!