Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Let's Get Physical - April

Yay!!! Today is the day! I'm off to California for a week, but first we've got to get this Let's Get Physical post out of the way. There's a gym at the hotel I'm staying at so I've packed some gym clothes so I can work out while I'm away. Probably for the best since I'll be eating out the whole time. I plan to eat all the good food. I'm hoping maybe Rima will even bake some goodies while I'm there too.

I was at the grocery store late on a Sunday night and came across a 12 pack of VANILLA Coke that was supposed to be on sale. Vanilla Coke is my weakness. I thought it was only available via soda fountains and only at certain fast food chains. Next thing I know it was in the shopping cart and going home with me. I thought I'd be able to show restraint and only drink one every couple of days...nope. One every day for the most part. No bueno. They're all gone now though, so the temptation no longer exists. I did still drink a lot of water though. I added lime, mint and lemon to give it some flavor. (not all at once though)

I think I balanced all my horrible eating with all my good eating. I ate more veggies this month and I had fruit just about every day. I just need to working on eating twice as much good stuff as bad stuff. Slowly but surely I suppose. While on vacation I'm going to do my best to make good eating decisions. It's going to be hard though I think because I have a ton of places on my list that I want to eat at. And then there's Disneyland. Thankfully I'll be doing a lot of walking to balance it all out. Balance is key.

Hopefully by the time I get back from vacation it will have warmed up and all the snow will be gone so that I can get outside more and get to walking and training for my next 5k. I ran/walked one day so I won't have to start from the beginning, but I will have to do some work. I'm really looking forward to better weather.

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Anonymous said...

It's great that you drank a lot of water! I can keep sugary stuff in the house because I get in moods where I have to eat it all.

Simply Evani said...

I think we all have our weakness (and vanilla coke is one for me too, I NEVER get to have it.) and it's okay to indulge! I love the fact you're going to workout on vacation, go on with your bad self girl! Can't wait to see you! I'm bummed it won't be a Disney day but it'll be great nonetheless.