Tuesday, May 7, 2013

a little bit of this and a little bit of that

Hi! So I've been pretty busy getting ready for Mother's Day. I procrastinated after I got back from vacation, so instead of having a bunch of cards ready to go I've been churning them out as quickly as I can. I think I have almost 50 made and I've sold 6 already. Woo! I'm not sure I'll get to making the full 100. I'm trying to be okay with that. After all it is my fault for putting off. Here are some of the cards I've made thus far:

Aw shit, I had some other things I wanted to blog about and now I can't remember. Figures.

Saw Iron Man 3 on Sunday. I liked it. I need a new desk chair. I broke a drill bit and chipped my flat head screwdriver trying to fix my current chair. I don't really want to buy a new desk chair, but if I have to I will. The weather is finally a lot nicer than it has been. I'm glad for that. My coworker told me I should take out a loan for $10K and then spend it all on scratch off tickets. I'm kinda curious as to how much you'd win if you did that. I think you'd make back the loan and then some. It'd probably be a good idea to buy tickets at a variety of places.

What else? I swear in the shower I have the post all worked out and then I sit down and nothing.

reading - The Last Days by Scott Westerfeld
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Rima said...

i dare you to take out that 10k loan and do the scratchers. hahaha

Jen said...

Those cards are spectacular!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards, as always! I like to make cards, too, but I'm always amazed at how many you can turn out!

Nicola Jewell said...

These are really gorgeous!

Simply Evani said...

Take out the loan and travel with it instead! I don't know what you'd do afterwards but I like that idea better. Haha