Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Let's Get Physical - May

I'm sitting here drinking a Banana Chocolate Milkshake as I type this. I plan to chase it with water for the rest of the night. I just really wanted something sweet and figured if I added a banana that would make it kinda healthy.

I admit I've pretty much half assing it when it has come to my health. I worked out most mornings while I was on vacation because I had access to a gym, but as soon as I got back I stuck to taking naps and putting off all kinds of things. I've even taking to doing some moving while at work (doing triceps curls with boxes while at work). And I've been eating okay, but I could be doing better.

I WANT to at least lose 30 lbs by my birthday. But how badly do I want it. I tell myself over and over that I want it, but then don't make the effort I need to make. And I REALLY need to make a better effort. The 2 - 3 pairs of jeans that are currently comfortable for me to wear have holes in the thighs, which means I need new pants. I don't want buy new pants when I have several pairs of jeans that would fit if I dropped a few lbs.

Evani's post this month has inspired me. The weather is nice again so I can't use that as an excuse for not getting up early to go running/walking. I also have a freezer full or chicken and broccoli for dinner. It's time to get my weight under control and do this. This body ain't built for traveling and I want to do all the traveling.

I'm not going to make any concrete goals this month, but I'm going to work on getting my butt outside and eating better.

Now head on over to Simply Evani and come link up with us.

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Jen said...

You can do it! :) I know you can!

Rima said...

hah, i'm same with you. in my case, my co-workers are the motivators because we're all doing it together (we walk after lunch during our break)...


Anonymous said...

It's a great idea to use travel as your fitness inspiration. I hope something "clicks" for you this month and you're able to make physical activity and eating well habits and drop the pounds you want to! You got this!

Simply Evani said...

So happy you linked up (like you always do!). I'm happy to hear my post inspired you, I really am so into this fitness journey right now, I can't stop sharing it with everyone who has ears! Honestly, I don't work out for long (Usually only 30 min a day, 45 if I throw in a run) so it doesn't take much for our bodies to change! I think getting active again will feel so good to you, especially if you get your nutrition in line too. You'll drop that 30 in no time!