Monday, May 6, 2013

a post about hair - progress

I couldn't tell you the last time I combed or brushed my hair. Maybe a week or so ago when I took the picture below on the right. Sounds horrible doesn't it. Thankfully (for me) I'm one of those who doesn't really have to comb my hair, it doesn't really get tangled and for the most part, I wear my hair up in a messy whatever.

As a kid I kept short hair most of the time. My parents weren't big on taking care of long hair, so they made it easier on themselves and me. As I got older I started to let my hair grow long, but I kept it up in a bun most of the time. I also went through periods where I'd get it permed to switch things up a bit.

A few years ago I told myself that when I got married I wanted to have long hair so I pretty much quit cutting it. I'd get it trimmed every once in awhile, but nothing too drastic. Last year my hair was at it's longest (add about 3 or so inches to the picture on the left that was taken on Halloween 2011) and I decided I needed to change it up a bit and decided to get a perm. I wanted some soft waves.

Unfortunately the student who permed my hair wasn't sure what she was doing and my ends weren't in the best shape and well, it didn't turn out well. It was super dry and there was no curl at all. I was kind of upset, especially since perms are such a long process. After making a complaint to the school I went back in and they tried to do some damage control, but it didn't really help.

I ended up cutting off about 12 inches of hair in order to get rid of the fried dry hair and get my hair looking some what decent. Thankfully I've always been in the it's just hair it'll grow back camp. It still sucked to cut off that much hair though. It was so long!

A year later and my hair is about halfway back to where it was at the top of my butt. I'm glad my hair grows pretty fast. I can't wait for it to be super long again. My goal is to grow it longer than that. Now I can't decide if I want to go back to black or let it lighten up this summer or color it a chocolatey brown. I really want it red, but that's not an option at the current job.

So yeah, I just dedicated a whole post to my hair.

reading - We Thought You Would Be Prettier by Laurie Notaro
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Jen said...

You have gorgeous hair!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the amount of hair styles we have in a lifetime crazy? I love long hair, but I usually get annoyed with it or tired of wearing ponytails (my default) and get it cut.