Wednesday, May 1, 2013

may goals and an april recap

Wait...what? It's May already? How did that happen? I need more time!!! Okay, not really, I've just been a major procrastinator ever since I got back from my vacation.'s happens.

  • enjoy California - California was a blast. I had so much fun. You can read about all the things I did and saw and the food I ate by clicking here and reading all my California posts. - 1
  • learn to cook two Filipino dishes - I didn't even ATTEMPT to make any Filipino food this month. I did have some Thai and Korean though and I ate some yummy Filipino snacks thanks to Rima. - 0
  • find a new job - Another fail. After returning from vacation I really haven't had much motivation to do anything. It's been rough. Lots of sleeping going on. I had a possible job opportunity for extra hours a couple of days a week, but the other job couldn't give me the time off. Bummer. - 0
  • start training to run a 5k - I did some walking and working out while on vacation and that has been about it as far as running goes. I have been doing some arm exercises while at work though, but that doesn't really count since it has little to do with running. The weather has finally started to warm up and it's not raining so really I have no excuse now.  - 0
  • purge craft supplies - I started to gather some things and have started a page on my blog, but I haven't done as much as I intended to do. I need to find a message board or something to list all the supplies I have. I'm gonna give eBay another try, but I hate the fees. -1/4
Well, I sure did a piss poor job at accomplishing the majority of my goals this month. 1.25 out of 5. Yeah, after vacation I was pretty much bummed to be back here, especially with the craptastic weather we were having. I thought the vacation would inspire me, not so much. Oh's May, so it's a time for a new beginning and giving new goals a go.

I'm taking it easy this month until I can get back into the swing of things. I don't feel like I'm in a funk anymore, but I'm still having trouble with motivation. The weather has started to get better and normally I find stuff to do inside instead of going outside, so I'm making myself go outside and play or at least just go outside.

Making cheese in March was fun. So next up is butter. I think it should be just as easy. I think it'll be neat to add different things to it for different flavors. Plus I prefer to cook with butter.

What are your goals this month? Grab the button below, leave your link and share with us, because sharing is caring.

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Jen said...

I can't believe that it's May...this year is flying by!

Steff said...

Butter is the easiest thing eva. I make my own with raw dairy and it takes little time and effort!! Good luck.