Monday, July 7, 2014

dear universe - i want to open a fabric shop

The other day I posted the above question on facebook. I was curious to find out what my friends dreams were and what it would take for them to drop what they were doing to pursue them. At first most of the answers were pretty vague and then after a little more questioning people opened up.

The interesting thing about finding out what people dream of doing is that thinking about what I know about these people compared to what they dream of doing, I see that for most of them their dreams are just that...dreams. It's something they've tucked away and maybe think about occasionally, but aren't pursuing them in any manner.

But, there were one or two who are putting in work towards making their dreams come true and that's encouraging and inspiring. And I think it's good to have people in your life who are pursuing their dreams. It gives you the energy to do the same.

My magic number to drop everything is about $100K. Enough to pay off my student loans, live comfortably for a year (bills paid on time, food to eat, etc.), start my business, buy a car (because getting work done is much easier with a car than it is riding the bus everywhere) and maybe go on a vacation so I can start refreshed and inspired. I'd settle for about $5K though to get my business started.

The business? A fabric shop

Working for myself crafting has always been my end goal, but I've wanted to open up a little fabric shop for a while...the urge to do it sooner rather than later has become much greater with my new found love of simple clothing construction and all the beautiful quilting possibilities.

Then Cotton + Steel happened. First their video about how fabric is manufactured (this video is great. I love seeing how things are made/work) and then their spring collection preview. Fabriclust in full effect.

It ignited something in me. I want to be able to share fabric with others. Sure there are tons of other fabric slingers out there, but I want to be different.

I've already started working on my business plan and been keeping a list of ideas of how I want to run things and what not. I've also done a little bit of research of how much I'll need to get started and what things I'll need. I'd eventually like to turn an online shop into a B+M shop. Where, I'm not sure.

How can you not fall in love with fabric and all it's possibilities?

C+S Spring Collection Preview from Gregory Miller Pictures on Vimeo

I think finding funds is going to be the hardest part. (I'm easily distracted by pretty things - currently wanting the new HK Vans). But I will slowly be putting money away to pursue this dream. I'm also asking the the Universe for help...maybe a nice lottery win and/or some big successes in the making crafty things and selling them. (It's the beginning of summer, but it's almost time to think about the holidays.)

What would it take to drop what you're doing and start pursuing your dreams?

reading - Success through Stillness by Russell Simmons
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Simply Evani said...

I love this post! I can feel the drive in your plans and it's really inspiring. I've been talking so long about starting an event planning business and when I hired my wedding planner, I realized how viable it really could be. Maybe it's time I buckled down on my dreams too... Good luck to you dear friend, I believe that you can do it!