Monday, July 21, 2014

i ran another "5K" and other things - a list

Saturday I ran the ColorFoam "5K". I finished it in a little over 45 minutes. I ran most of it and am pretty proud of myself. I say "5K" because when I logged into RunKeeper it only comes up as 2.8 miles. Right as the run started I met someone else who was also running by herself. We didn't run together but I saw her again at the end and chatted a bit. I made a running friend. While I was running there were a couple of groups I kept my eye on as motivation. If they got past me I'd speed up and make sure I was in the lead again. My white shirt stayed pretty white up until the finish line when I got sprayed right in the mouth with a water cannon. I walked right under the foam machines, but it didn't stick.

Saturday night I went to my "sister's" surprise birthday party/open mic night. As the night progressed I got more and more tired and started to doze off while people were performing. I'm not ashamed to fall asleep in public. It happens.

Yesterday I finished my second Staple Dress using Cotton + Steel fabric. I love this fabric so much. It's nice and soft and had a good weight. This dress will transition to fall/winter nicely. Just pair it with a cardigan and some tights and it'll be good to go. My favorite part is the berry facings and pockets. When I started assembling it I made the same mistake I made when I made my first staple dress. Thankfully it was an easy fix and I made sure to make a big note in the instructions for next time. Hopefully I remember.

Sunday was also National Ice Cream Day.  I took a break from making my dress and Tiarress and I motored up to Graeter's to grab some ice cream. We were pleasantly surprised when we were ordering. The ice cream was discounted to $1.44/scoop. Normally it's $5.00 for two scoops. Yay! We also stopped at a friend's BBQ. Pretty good way to spend Sunday.

About a month ago I finished the first quilt for 100 Quilts, 100 Kids. I'm in the process of quilting up the second quilt. I can't decide how to quilt it though.

I've also started listing things on etsy again. I want to have 100 sales under my belt by the end of summer. Currently you can find zipper wallets and a quilt in my shop. I'll start listing crochet goods towards the end of summer. Part of the proceeds go towards 100 Quilts, 100 Kids.

Work is work. My boss is on vacation and she used Megabus for the first time and is also using Uber for the first time so I've been getting calls and texts about that. It makes me laugh.

Slowly, slowly selling off old stuff. I'd trash a lot of it, but I could use the money so I can move. I don't plan to take most of my furniture. I found a lot of furniture I want on the IKEA website for a good deal. Right now it looks like I might be moving into a studio so I really do need to get rid of a lot of the stuff I have.

So what's been up with you?
reading - The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
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Jen said...

What a funk 5k!!! We did a run for a margarita 5k last week and it was amazing haha.