Tuesday, July 31, 2012

july goals - update

  • try 3 new beers - I tried two out of three. I could've easily gotten my three in had I had another beer while I was at ScruffyNerdy's a few weekends ago. Two out of three is good enough for me though. Totally Naked was pretty good. I'd buy it again. The other beer I had was a Hefeweizen. I've discovered that Hefs make me feel like yuck so I need to stay away from them. :(
  • go paddle boating on the canal - my funds were low this month. as in I'm short on my rent for August and I was only able to buy a one week bus pass. How I'll get to work until next pay day is going to be tricky. Oy!
  • save $50/$75 - saving money the last couple of months has been hard. see the above item. I either need to sell some of my wares or maybe even find a second or new job. if anyone needs any crafty goodness, let me know.
  • make a Nutella cheesecake w/ a Leibniz cracker crust - dee-licious. I messed up the recipe by not having enough cream cheese, but it still turned out great. everyone who tried it loved it. yay! I will be adding this recipe to my list of things to make on a more regular basis.
  • enjoy outside: picnic, nap in the grass, read, etc - even though most of the month was in the 90's - 100's I was still able to get outside and enjoy not being cooped up in my apartment (though I don't mind being in my apartment a lot of times). there was reading/lunch downtown with Gritts, drum circle on the Circle, Coaches and running. a nap in the grass would've been nice, but the grass is nice and brown right now. Yuck!
Hey look, I'm making progress. I got 2.66 out of 5. Much better than last month's 1.5 out of 5. Maybe next month it'll be 3.75 out of 5. We shall see.

Can you believe we're already at the end of the first month of the second  half of the year? This year is just flying by.

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