Wednesday, March 20, 2013

spring equinox 13.0 - a wish list

  • fun and relaxation in California
  • sushi date - Kula Revolving Sushi with Rima!
  • health and wealth
  • happiness
  • plane tickets to fun places
  • road trips
  • love, success and happiness
  • new adventures
  • RUN a 5K
  • relaxing days at the park with friends
  • good hugs
  • bicycle
  • new TOMS (red)
  • new job that's fun and makes me happy
  • new apartment
  • red hair
  • new ink
  • positivity
  • support
  • sell 100+ Mother's Day cards (help me make this happen)
  • a first date
  • lunch bunch with AB
  • iPad mini (for business purposes *wink*)
  • sell off a lot of my stuff and clean out my apartment
  • inspiration and motivation
  • money saved
  • business growth
  • new sewing machine
  • winning lottery tickets
I normally like to keep my wishlists short, about 15 - 20 items. I thought this time I was just going to go ahead and wish for a shit ton of stuff. Why not. The more I wish for the more of those wishes that can come to pass. A few of these will get crossed off in the next few weeks. I'm super excited.

I've accomplished a few things from my winter 12.0 wish list. Earned some money and saved some money and had a couple of winning lottery tickets. Can you believe it's spring already? Now if the weather here would get on board too. Anywho.

What are your wishes for spring?
    reading - Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
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    Setarra said...

    Mmmm, I think my biggest wish for Spring is to save up a little bit of money on the side for travel in the summer. I've definitely been scrolling through various job websites trying to find a side job.

    P.S. Just saw that you have reached your $1700 goal! Go You!

    Simply Evani said...

    Caliiiiiiiiiiiiiii here you come! :)