Thursday, April 4, 2013

that's ONE good thing

It's my first day in sunny California. Aaaaah vacation! I thought I'd share a FEW good things I have saved up while I've been stuck in my head not knowing what to do.

Not last Friday, but the Friday before I was texting back and forth with Babe. He was in California at the time for work and we were discussing hanging out if he was available when I got there and that if I were there now we would be hanging out. I said that would be much better than what I was currently doing (watching 20/20). A few days later I received a text from him asking me why of all things I was watching 20/20. At first I thought it was a delayed text, but he said he was just thinking about it. It made me smile that he was randomly thinking about me and my exciting Friday night antics.

It's nice to know that someone (especially someone you think it pretty awesome) is thinking about you. It instantly made me smile.

The Larson from Tea's Me

Another good thing that from last week was casting my to do list into the wind and getting out of my apartment and enjoying the weather (just a few days AFTER we had about 6 inches of snow dumped on us). My friend Tiaress had mentioned doing some composting the day before and I'd asked her if she was going to be doing it again. She texted me after she woke up and we headed out to do some composting. It was nice to enjoy outside and do a little bit of hard labor. Afterwards we went out for a delicious lunch at a new to me place (Tea's Me if you're ever in Indianapolis). If they hadn't been closing we would've sat on that couch and drank tea all afternoon. Alas, we had to go. We then went to the movies to see Jack and the Giant Slayer (not bad, not my first choice either though).

Sometimes you have change your plans and do what you want instead of what you should be doing. Change up your day. It was great way to spend the day. And I'm really looking forward to more like that during the spring and summer.

What about you? Do you have any good things to share this week?

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Jen said...

Have the best time in CA, you deserve it! :)

Sunny & Star said...

Forgetting about your to do list for a day must feel amazing. I have a to do list numerous pages long and I never feel like I am making any progress.