Thursday, May 30, 2013

12 things - may update

It's already the end of May and we're almost half way through the year. Oy! Linking up with Rima from Bolu by Rima for 12 things. You can go back to this post here to see my 12 things list. Or you can just read down below.
  1. take a vacation to California
  2. read 50 books
  3. create a vision board
  4. buy a bicycle
  5. run a 5k and 10k
  6. lose at least 34 lbs
  7. get a check up
  8. eat vegetarian for a month
  9. register issa.ino as a business
  10. make issa.ino my ONLY job
  11. get issa.ino organized for the holidays
  12. apply to a large craft show
Here's my progress:
  • Nothing new to cross off the list.
  • 20 books down and 30 to go. Not as much reading as I was doing last month. I just picked up 6 books from the library though, so I've got plenty to read.
  • I've started running again and joined a gym. I think that I should be able to run the 5k in no time and I hope to start seeing some poundage lost as well.
  • I'm thinking about changing the last few items on my list. I'm not sure where I want my business to go right now. I've not been putting as much of myself into it as I had been previously. I don't know if I'm just in a rut or what.
I hope by next month I can mark another item off my list and figure out where I want my business to go so I can get working in that direction.

In other news: I made butter today with just heavy cream and my blender. I threw some vanilla extract in with it to give it some flavor. Also, this weather is kinda making me miserable.

reading - Elephants on Acid by Alex Boese
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Rima said...

Hahaha... go make some adjustments gurl!
I really want to make butter :) i wanna make like a blueberry butter. Hm.

Jen said...

Hope you have a successful June!

Simply Evani said...

Yay on running! I think you could definitely knock out a 5K and 10K in the remaining 6 months of this year. I'm still working up the courage to do a 5K, I don't know why I'm so nervous about forcing myself to run the whole 3 miles, I think I'm just afraid to disappoint myself. Anyhoots, for my 25 before 25, I starting putting things literally in my calendar (like you could do with the check up) so that you know you'll accomplish it!