Monday, July 8, 2013


The only picture I took this weekend. *shrugs*

So one of my goals for July was to eat out no more than once a week. I totally forgot that I had plans to have pizza with a friend who was in town for the weekend, then brunch with another friend and also that I bought tickets for Taste of Indianapolis. Maybe I just don't eat out for the rest of the month...but then again I'm headed to Chicago at the end of the month. Oh well...I'm actually okay with this fail.

Yeah, so Friday MilkCookies was back in town for a few days from Florida and since we didn't get the chance to grab pizza before he moved away we decided we'd grab some while he was in town. This guy LOVES pizza so we went to Bazbeaux Pizza since he'd never eaten there before. They have great pizza. So many different options and a nice thin, crispy crust. My two favorite pizzas are the pizza alla quattro formaggio and the Mexican. I also like their Greek salad.

Saturday was the Taste of Indianapolis. I only happened to come across it because I'd found a Groupon for it. I was feeling rather generous so I bought the four person option and invited some friends along my treat. The Groupon included four wristbands and 10 food tickets. I didn't realize until we got there that the food tickets weren't going to go very far at all. Two tickets for just a soda. We all ended up buying more food tickets so we could partake in the goodness around us. It was a good time.

I think the only thing that I didn't really like were the food options. There were two national chains and a good handful of local food trucks. To me for it to be the TASTE of Indianapolis, the national chains shouldn't have been present and there could've been MORE of the food trucks and some of the other LOCAL restaurants present. I say this and the truth is most of the food I had was from the national chains because they were the only two places NOT charging an arm and a leg and hadn't run out of food. Ha! This was only the second year they've done this so hopefully things will improve by next year.

Then yesterday I had brunch with a friend who keeps pretty busy with work and school that we don't really get the chance to hang out often. We had brunch at my favorite local brunch place, Petit Chou/Patachou. I really wanted to get the croissant French toast, but decided that since I'll be hitting up Yolk in Chicago that I could have some fancy French toast there. I ended up getting an omelet (it had bacon, potatoes, cheese and sour cream) and French hot chocolate. Yup, the beginning of summer and I'm drinking hot chocolate. It was delicious. My omelet came with toast (I always get cinnamon toast, it's great) and fresh fruit and all their stuff is local.

It was a good weekend for the foodie in me. I promptly headed to the gym after brunch yesterday. One of the best things about all the eating and getting to hang out with friends was that it was about enjoying a good meal and good conversation. No one was pulling out their phone every 5 minutes to see what was going on on Twitter/Facebook/instagram. We enjoyed each others company and I really appreciated it. I think it's kind of rude when people are  constantly checking theirs phones, as if to say my company isn't enough. I am fine with instagraming your food or a picture of what's going on, but that other stuff...ugh.

I'm gonna try not to eat out at all this week and probably next week too. I gotta save money and make some extra money for this trip.

So how was your weekend? Did you eat anything good?

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Rima said...

ooooo... i wanna go to some food-fest. my brother on the other hand went to 626night market where its a food fest feat. asian foods. damn. if only i wasn't on call.

meanwhile, i made apple pie and ate burgers. diet fail. haha

Setarra said...

Nomnomnom! Girl you ate good! The best thing I ate this week was lobster. I love lobster but seriously, trying to get the meat out is such a hassle! My hands were so sore from trying to crack the shells. And as for working out, I totally fell off the bandwagon last week. I'm dreading hitting the gym this week lol.

Jen said...

That sounds like an awesome weekend to me! Anything involving food is great!

JanM ♥ said...

Yes, yes, I ate a lot of good food! Didn't regret it one bit because we were walking for 5 hours at the night market anyway. Haha!

Jan Loves