Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: a year in review

started but didn't finish a 365 craft project
went back to Cali and met some of my blogger BFF's 
saw John Legend in concert for the 3rd time
went to Disneyland for the first time
started going to the gym again
ran an urban obstacle course
tried a lot of new food places (thanks Groupon)
started doing more mystery shopping
started 100 Quilts, 100 Kids
started doing my laundry by hand to save money and save myself from the scary basement
saw Imagine Dragons...for work
challenged myself to spend only $100 on food for a whole month
built a bedside table, shelf thing
completed my goodreads challenge and read 50+ books

I think I had a pretty good year. I'm looking forward to all the good things that are to come in 2014. More traveling, more good food and more time with friends. 

reading - Handmade to Sell by Kelly Rand
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April Christine said...

I love reading these "year-in-review" kind of things. :) Glad to see yours was productive and an overall good one! Good luck to you in 2014!